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hk - zdjęcia/eng

I will try to write in english (it's for you Coco and Sara! :D)
I'm going to post more (haha first day in swiss embassy :d) but i'm too lazy to do it now :D

Bye Warsaw

23h later - first thing to do - PHOTO :p

probably one of the most famous skyline in the world, more beautiful without all of those people but I liked it though :P

random city beach :)

lycheeeee juice <3

Stanley village

yeah i found sth polish :D

Mong Kok

eggs everywhere,  they add eggs even to sweet soups :o

selfie - yeah we're so lameeeeeeeee

chesnut and red bean ice cream <3 

they were still alive, moving, trying to get out. Some things which are part of another culture, you just have to accept, but it's really tough for me to understand it :(((

das ist sooo sharfffff

hk tv drama <3 


Our buddy called Big Buddha

                                                                               YoNi !

                                                                   with Coco's family

                                                                         bird market

                                                                        fish market

"money come, money come"


The most interesting museum which i've visited was The Hong Kong History Museum. Hong Kong was occupied by britains for so many years but now in some way they are thankful that they're not completely chinese.
-Coco are you Chinese?
-No, I'm from Hong Kong, but orginally Chinese.

-Coco, can I call Hong Kong a country?
-No, it's China.

Yeah, it's good to have a private guide :D

hahha i don't know if i was so touched by this temple or just exhausted :D

beautiful island without cars, there was only a tiny car which belongs to the hk police.

                             1month honkkongnese (yeah i heard this word!) host mum :)

Coco's school and old classroom

I can't look good in this weather, sorry, I just can't

thinking in the temple (yeah sometimes it's happens to me also :)) and trying to feel the atmosphere. it was easy, we were almost only tourists there - maybe because it's not situated in the city centre...

got addicted to whatsapp and generally phone :(((

catching the pinguins like children around us, hohohho, such a mature girl

part of Chinese opera

best exchange student (haha or craziest?) in Hong Kong !!! miss u!

Sara's welcoming party 

Giant Pandaaaaaaaaaa, one of my biggest dream ever is to make a volounteering project somewhere in the mainland China, but wait ? do i really have to pay to be VOLOUNTEER? yeah... :o i don't understand why they can't call it with another words, which actually mean what they mean, sth like worker? I understand they have to earn money but they should use right words....
                                                          nvr, see the panda - checked

billions photos of jellyfish

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